March Madness

[Warning…this has nothing to do with running]

It’s that time of year again…



The fans. The brackets. The squeaking of shoes on a basketball court. Coaches freaking out. The calls. The pep bands. THE FANS, THE FANS, THE FANS. Players actually playing with heart.

I’m not the biggest college Basketball fan in the world, but I honestly can’t ever get enough of the NCAA March Madness Tournament. My favorite part is the PASSION for the game and the resolve to win! Watching conference tournaments this weekend it seriously made me want to go out for a run or absolutely CRUSH a treadmill.

Instead of pouring over each and every game like most college basketball fanatics, I will be using these games as motivation to get out there.  I know a college basketball tournament is surely an unlikely place to find motivation, but it gets my blood moving, my heart pumping and the urge to GET AFTER IT.

What motivates you?


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    March Madness is the best thing to happen to sports EVER. I truly enjoy watching all of the games and I’m most definitely not a big bball fan.

    You may regret asking me to chat tris and Ironman races…but I’m so game!

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