DetermiNation Volunteering and a New Addition

It was a busy weekend, none of which (sadly) included running. First up? The DetermiNation NE Hyannis Team event: A tour of Fenway Park! For those who haven’t been to Boston before, I HIGHLY recommend the Fenway Tour, it costs about $15 and it is a great chance to hear some wicked awesome Boston accents and learn about America’s Most Beloved Ballpark.

Checking out the coveted Green Monster seats

See you in a few weeks!!!! 🙂

After the tour Foxy and I hit the road and drove straight to Cape Cod in preparation for volunteering at the Hyannis half and full marathon. We visited my grandmother, oogled some of the changes my mom has been making to our house, ate a healthy dinner, watched Duke lose to Virginia Tech, and then it was lights out!

Sunday morning we made our way to Hyannis to help the DetermiNation runners and cheer for them out on the course at mile 10!  For anyone who has ever considered running this full marathon, do yourself a favor and PASS. It’s a 13.1 mile loop RUN TWICE on Cape Cod, in February. Yes folks, it is cold, wet and absolutely desolate! It seems that the majority of folks usually run the half, which has to be crushing for the full marathoners who watch their former pacers finish, only to have to complete the SAME 13.1 mile loop…again. I definitely would never sign up for this race, but maybe I’m a wuss and some people are just tougher than I am!

It was snowing very cold and wet flakes, so it made for an absolute mob scene inside the host hotel!

Pictured here is Dave, right before the 10 mile mark and looking great! He was running for his mother, who is currently fighting brain cancer. I didn’t have a chance to see him after the race, but I hope he had a great first half marathon. Congratulations on a great race!

Woooo! YAY running! Foxy and I were actually cheering so hard (complete w/ cowbells and signs) that disgruntled drivers actually yelled at us. That wasn’t exactly awesome, but CLEARLY they don’t understand running and their lives are much less fulfilling than ours 🙂

Lisa and Amy, looking fantastic!

Watch out disgruntled drivers, I come armed with a COW BELL…!


After we saw the last of the runners, we made a dash for a quick lunch so we could warm up and get back out there to cheer on the full marathoners. While we were eating we got a text message from Rob’s older sister saying that she had her baby!! A baby girl, Clara Rose born at 11:30am. We immediately started texting with the rest of the DetermiNation team with the news, piled in the car and headed straight to Boston.

Uncle Foxy with Clara Rose

I was bummed to be so busy that I never got a chance to squeeze in a run (I was planning on jumping in with people who needed a little motivation, but everyone was so tough that they didn’t need me!) but all in all, it was a great weekend, full of happy moments and memories 🙂


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    Awwww… babies.

    ALSO! Now it makes sense ! I thought you’d finished the half and then had time to get back to your cheer station!!! Volunteering fits the scenario better. 🙂

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