Presidents Day Weekend Recap

After what felt like the longest week known to man, Friday evening, the weekend arrived. After cooking myself dinner, changing into sweats and putting on HGTV, it was time to relax. I forced myself to stay up until 10pm and planned my weekend to fit in a variety of runs, yoga classes and go swimming at my gym.

I woke up on Saturday morning, to a somewhat sunny, yet windy day and head out for a run along the water in my neighborhood, South Boston.

Sugar Bowl

Don't let the sun fool you, it was cold & windy!

The first part of the run was windy, but I enjoyed seeing the sun and being outside. Running head on into the wind was made the run quite comical, and as I saw my pace jump up to 11 minute miles at times, I just decided to go with the flow. It was a long weekend after all 🙂

Sullivan's, a famous hot dog/ice cream joint in Southie...See you in a few months!

Castle Island

As I turned this corner, I ran STRAIGHT into 25 mph winds!


View of Downtown

It literally felt like my skin being blown off my face!

Once I got away from the water I was able to pick up my pace and try to make up for my hurricane run.

One of my favorite houses in Southie

One of my favorite rows of brown stones

One of the MANY drinking establishments in my neighborhood

But since Southie is essentially a peninsula, it’s tough to avoid the beach. Tough life, I know…

Back to the beach

Approaching the L St Bath houseI was just finishing up the last part of my run when my happy go lucky Saturday windy run came to a screeching halt. I was running along and I tripped on uneven sidewalk, my foot then went on a sheet of ice, and I slipped immediately. As I crashed down the only thing that went through my mind was, “NO CAMERA, NOOOO” I fell completely forward, saw that my camera had a small scratch on the side and started sobbing immediately…pathetic.

I looked around and there was only one guy a few feet behind me with his head buried in his phone. I sat up and continued sobbing. and Sobbed, and sobbed. I probably only sat there for 2 minutes and cried, but it felt like forever. It was as if I couldn’t stop! I finally picked myself up and continued to my apartment, called my boyfriend and got him to come over and bring some breakfast and a hug.

After the fall...

I think it goes without saying that I skipped Yoga and swimming for my additional Saturday workouts. Instead, Rob and I ran some errands and met up with some friends for a couple drinks.

Oh wind burn...

Then on Sunday I opted to take the day off and head to my boyfriend’s family’s house to celebrate his brother’s 30th birthday (unfortunately no picture!) and then met my friend Katy out for her birthday! Here she is enjoying the lovely 1<3 Running water bottle I gave her 🙂

Happy Birthday Girl!

And no birthday would be complete without CUPCAKES!! I made some Cookies and Cream cupcakes finished with the Magnolia Bakery Butter cream Frosting and a half oreo. If you want the recipe or any tips, just let me know! They were extremely easy 🙂

Birthday CUPCAKES!

Then, since she was the birthday girl, we got up and karoke’ed…love the intensity…

Birthday Karaoke!

Then Sunday I enjoyed another day of running errands and getting my life straightened out. I finished out the day with some hot yoga, a healthy dinner with Rob and some more organizing.

I didn’t exactly have the big weekend of working out that I had hoped for, but at least I didn’t tear any muscles or ligaments and I am going to hit the treadmill tonight. I’m not particularly happy about my new knee decorations (or the fact that they are becoming more black and blue as the minutes tick by), but I do know that this little slip up will help motivate me to keep pushing forward to get in great shape so I can achieve all of my goals in 2011.

The knees, two days after the fall & on the mend...

Have you ever had any big falls or running mishaps??


  1. says

    Thank you again for my awesome presents, cupcakes and for just coming out in general! SO much fun!! Please posts the pics to FB because they’re super cute 🙂 See you tomorrow – can’t wait!!!!

  2. says

    Holy smokes chica!!! I’m glad you’re ok! Those look painful! And so does your face as it’s getting blown away! So glad the wind storm that covered the east has seemed to subside. Hope the knees are feeling good for your next run.

  3. says

    There is so much I love about this post: great weekend intentions, running, lovely brownstones, birthdays, cupcakes…. but BOOOOO to that bruiser & and scratched camera! That sucks! 🙁 So glad you’re okay!

    Heyyyy, I just got that same waterbottle! 🙂 I carry mine everywhere!

    And no, haha, at no point during the SFM will you need to crawl on all fours up a hill. You may feel like doing it, but it shouldn’t be necessary. 🙂


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