Worth the Hurt!

Remember that time I swore I wouldn’t run a Marathon in 2011? Or that time I said I was doing everything in my power to resist running a marathon? I was doing a great job, until Aron over at Runner’s Rambles posted a San Francisco Marathon Entry Give Away. I hesitated for a moment, and the cupid on my shoulder was telling me “No, no! Don’t do it” and the endorphin loving masochist in me said “go, go! Sign up!” So I guess it’s no shocker who won that battle, because I entered. Not once, but twice. I guess I really can’t help myself!

I’ve never been to San Francisco, let alone any part of California, so visions of a wonderful race weekend danced through my head. I’ve always wanted to go, and have SF built up as my “dream stateside vacation”.  I never really win anything, but I had a sneaky feeling that my luck might just turn around and I would win this give away.

This morning I received an email from Aron telling me to check out her blog and my heart started racing “could it be?!” I read her post on the changes to the Boston registration and qualifying standards and then I noticed at the bottom of her post that she said I HAD WON!! AHHH!

I excitedly emailed my boyfriend who quickly replied: “Wait, isn’t that the weekend after the Nantucket Triathlon?” Whoops. Small planning snafu! However, I think it’s appropriate that I have a triathlon booked the weekend before a marathon (Sidenote: I MAY wuss out and end up running the half…we will see!) whose tag line is “Worth the Hurt.” I still have yet to work out all of the details, but I am so excited to run this beautiful race, experience the city of San Francisco and meet all of the fabulous west coast bloggers that I follow.

So, was 2011 the year of skipping a marathon? Apparently not… and I am BEYOND thrilled. Maybe it was fate or just pure luck, but I’m running a marathon this year!

Aron, thank you so much for hosting this give away and randomly choosing me! I look forward to training and running this race with renewed enthusiasm and passion for running and racing. I am beyond thrilled and I can’t wait to start training for what will definitely be a race and a trip I will remember forever.

Some people definitely think I’m crazy, but those who know me, know that I can’t settle on mediocrity, or foregoing an amazing opportunity like this. So I guess the phrase will always hold true from my swimming days, The Intensity Never Stops!!


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    I think it was a sign too 🙂 SO HAPPY you won and are so excited about it AND I am so happy that I can help get you to California for the first time!

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    Congrats on winning Aron’s giveaway! (I won one of her half marathon giveaways earlier this year, so clearly you & I have good luck. 🙂

    I’m running SFM, too, and I think we need to have one massive blogger/twitter meet up!


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