Presidents Day Weekend Recap

After what felt like the longest week known to man, Friday evening, the weekend arrived. After cooking myself dinner, changing into sweats and putting on HGTV, it was time to relax. I forced myself to stay up until 10pm and planned my weekend to fit in a variety of runs, yoga classes and go swimming at my gym.

I woke up on Saturday morning, to a somewhat sunny, yet windy day and head out for a run along the water in my neighborhood, South Boston.

Sugar Bowl

Don't let the sun fool you, it was cold & windy!

The first part of the run was windy, but I enjoyed seeing the sun and being outside. Running head on into the wind was made the run quite comical, and as I saw my pace jump up to 11 minute miles at times, I just decided to go with the flow. It was a long weekend after all 🙂

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Running with Lizzy in Beautiful Boston

Since my nagging injury sidelined me from training for five weeks I haven’t been able to run with one of my favorite running buddies, Lizzy. I’ve mentioned Lizzy before in my blog, but for those who don’t know about her, she is my coworker and also the writer of Food to Run For, where she writes about her adventures in the kitchen and out on the pavement. Liz and I share a lot in common, and I thoroughly enjoy running with her whenever we can squeeze it into our hectic schedules.

Here is the link for the route that we ran, pretty self explanatory! Morning Charles River Route! Find more Runs in Boston, Massachusetts

This morning we decided to partake in a morning run instead of a lunch time run, so we didn’t feel the stress of work hanging over our heads. I brought my camera with me since it was such a picture perfect day, so check out the photos below and ENJOY!

capturing some moments pre run in our office before the day starts

And another where you can actually see our faces!

Lizzy running through Downtown Crossing

Park Street Church and Boston Common in the distance

Me running by the Massachusetts State House

Beacon Hill

Doesn't it look like a shot from Good Will Hunting?

Running around the Finger islands

Lizzy on the Harvard Bridge!

And of course me

Boston from the Cambridge side of the Charles

Beautiful Boston

Taking in the view of Downtown

Heading over the Salt & Pepper bridge back to Bean town

Almost there!

Back to 53 State and time to start our days!

The Picture Perfect Lunch Time Run

I’m fortunate enough to work in an office building that offers me one of the best views in the entire city of Boston. Some days it’s a total tease because quite frankly, I would much rather be outside reading a book on the beach, running, going for a walk, etc. Other days, I get to see crazy weather patterns, gigantic ships and planes come in, there really is never a dull moment from my seat. I know I’m lucky to have this awesome seat, and it gives me the chance to gauge the weather and plan my lunch time runs accordingly.

This past Wednesday was no exception. It’s been a busy week, I easily could have sat at my desk and plowed through work, all the while looking outside longingly, wishing I had just gone outside. Well, it was so picture perfect that I couldn’t resist a run, so I went for it. I completed my favorite lunch time run, my Financial District-North End-Charlestown loop. Since it was such a beautiful day, I decided to take my camera along. It’s one of my favorite runs in the city of Boston, and I figured it was time to share all of the historical landmarks and gorgeous views I soak in throughout my run. It really helps motivate me when I’m struggling through a tough run, I just take a break, look around and say to myself, “wow, I’m reallllly freaking lucky”

Lunch Time Charlestown Navy Yard Loop
Find more Runs in Boston, Massachusetts

Heading out on the run down State St

Running through Christopher Columbus Park, absolutely gorgeous

Running through the North End/Waterfront Area, no suit for me! Just running clothes 🙂

Hellllo Zakim Bridge!

Running over the North Washington bridge into Charlestown

Running on the Freedom Trail!

Running past Old Iron Sides

Marine's displaying combat vehicles for Marine Week Boston

Ugly construction in Charlestown

What's around the'll just have to wait and see...

My favorite view of the city!!!

Running over a dock, NO BIG.

Pretty awkward extended arm pic while running, but I had to!

Dogs running around in the dog park, I think there were at LEAST 3 bulldogs there!

Back over North Washington Bridge, heading back into Bean town

Running along North Washington St, just steps away from the Garden. Go Celtics, GO BRUINS!

I hate this little narrow sidewalk, it's impossible when this area of the city is flooded with tourists

Hanover St, my old home!

The Greenway and the financial district

Heading back to the office...

The Old State House...Almost there!

Back to 53 State St, and back to my desk